Free 15 NAPLEX Practice Questions 

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1Orlistat does:NAPLEX Mix Questions
2Metformin has the boxed warning of:Diabetes Melitus
3Which of the following drugs has the built-in spacer?Asthma
4Meridia is used to treat:CNS Stimulants
5What is the mechanism of action of Actos?

I. It activates the PPAR receptor
II. It improves the target cell response to insulin
III. It increases the pancreatic insulin secretion
Diabetes Melitus
6At what peak flow reading patient should take asthma drugs?Asthma
7What is the dosage form of Concerta?CNS Stimulants
8Chlorhexidine is used for:

I. Germicidal hand rinse
II. Periodontitis
III. Throat infections
9What is the most common toxicity of niacin?Antihyperlipidemic
10Kava kava is used as:Herbal
11Which drug is decreases the triglycerides?Antihyperlipidemic
12What could be the reason for low BUN level?

I. Liver damage
II. Late phase of pregnancy
III. Renal failure
13What is the brand name of Lantus?Diabetes Melitus
14Fentanyl patch should be applied for:Opioids
15Exosurf is used forNAPLEX Mix Questions