Free 15 MPJE Practice Questions 

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1Which act streamlined the generic drug approval process? MCQs: MPJE Laws
2What is in the NF monographs? MCQs: MPJE Laws
3Purchase invoices are records of _______. MPJE At a glance (with MCQs)
4Who enforces the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA)? MPJE At a glance (with MCQs)
5A special warning is required if methyl salicylate is used more than:Special Warnings
6Ipecac syrup should not be used in:Special Warnings
7Which of the following needs warning about possible kidney damage when taking in large amounts or for long period of time?Special Warnings
8Pre-clinical studies are performed on:New Drug Development
9Which phases are conducted under direct supervision of sponsor only?

I. Phase I
II. Phase II
III. Phase III
New Drug Development
10NDA application should be submitted after:New Drug Development
11Who grants "Fast Track" status to a drug?New Drug Development
12Waxman hatch has extended the patent period of:Drug Naming
13Drug A is approved in 2002. The manufacturer conducted pediatric studies in 2010. What will be the extension period of the patent protection?Drug Naming
14What is Red Book?Drug Naming
15FDA forces to use bar-code for:labeling